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Our Review Process

How We Evaluate Products at Dog Food Masters

At Dog Food Masters, we recognize the pivotal role your canine companion plays in your family. Understanding the weight of responsibility in guiding your pet’s nutrition, we adhere to the highest standards when making product recommendations. Here’s an insight into our meticulous review process:

We Do:

  1. Regulatory Approval: To ensure your dog’s safety and nutritional requirements, we scrutinize regulatory approvals from key institutions including FDA, AAFCO, USDA, and FTC.
  2. User Reviews: Relying on the collective wisdom of pet owners, we delve into both positive and negative reviews, reaching out to customers to glean deeper insights.
  3. Product Line & Brand History: Unearthing a brand’s history, including voluntary recalls, manufacturing plants, FDA warnings, affiliations, and ownership changes, helps us assess potential risks.
  4. Nutritional Analysis: Our team of qualified vets meticulously reviews nutritional information and independent lab results to guarantee an excellent nutritional profile in our buying guides.
  5. Consideration of Breed, Size & Age: Tailoring our recommendations to specific situations, we consult our vet team to ensure the food aligns with breed, size, and age requirements.
  6. Marketing Claims Scrutiny: We debunk health-related marketing claims, providing you with a clear understanding of the product’s true benefits.
  7. Pricing & Positioning Analysis: Covering diverse budgets and diets, our guides include options for every need, evaluating special diets like high/low protein and grain-free.
  8. Delivery Assessment: Examining delivery time, cost, coverage, and return policies ensures you can conveniently access the perfect dog food.
  9. User Feedback Integration: Your feedback matters. Regularly reviewing article feedback, we update content based on your suggestions to continually improve our guides.

We Don’t:

  1. Accept Sponsorship Fees: We prioritize editorial responsibility over financial gains, refusing sponsorship offers to feature the best products organically.
  2. Compromise on Thorough Research: Every article undergoes rigorous research, and recommendations are made only after thorough consideration of all factors.
  3. Contradict Veterinary & State Agencies: Upholding respect for health organizations and medical professionals, we adhere to veterinary advice, ensuring recommendations align with expert opinions.

At Dog Food Masters, our commitment is unwavering—to provide you with trustworthy, well-researched recommendations that prioritize the health and happiness of your beloved pets.

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